You Are Worthy

March 18, 2016

Appreciation and Recognition symbolized by a gold trophy with a burst of stars shooting out of it with the words You Deserve It, a sign of merit and worthiness for your efforts

2 Wealth Keys to Always Remember

Power Episode #88 Whether it is a fear of failure or a fear of success, they both stem from a lack of self-approval.  The key is to claim your independence from what others may say or think about you.  In order to get wealth or riches, you must accept yourself and not worry about what others think, but you must also reach a point of acknowledging your own power, strength and courage.  Listen and find out two wealth keys that will keep you focused on self-approval and turn you into a magnet that attracts the wealth you want into your life.  If earning more money is your goal, today’s show is definitely for you.

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Book Mentioned:

Melinda Emerson’s – Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months. Click here.  

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