Why Worry Prevents Wealth

October 14, 2016

Why Worry Prevents Wealth

Remove Worry to Get Rich

Hand writing Time to Get Real with marker on transparent wipe board. Get Real means it is time to accept the truth and not deceive yourself.

Power Episode #203 – It is important to learn why worry prevents wealth. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares insightful information that reveals why worry prevents wealth and what you can do about it. Find out four specific things you can do to either minimize or get rid of worry. If you are struggling financially, you may discover that worry is at the root of your financial problems. All loss is a result of a scattered consciousness. Worry causes a scattered consciousness and this is how abundant life is pretty have it or this is what makes an abundant life disappear. Today, people find so many different things to worry about and that makes it hard to focus on building the lifestyle that we each deserve. Because worry is a form of doubting, it makes our conscience uneasy. When that happens, it becomes difficult to focus and even if you have goals that are written out, it is hard to fulfill them. Fear is at the root of worry, because fear is focusing on the worst outcome and worrying is not being certain about the best outcome. Isn’t it time you achieve the abundant life you deserve? Then learn how to put worry and its place. When you discoverwhy worry prevents wealth, you will take steps to prevent it from happening in your life.

Also listen to our new segment “Net Worth to Wealth” and discover how to track your net worth, when to pay attention to your net worth and why.

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