Winning is Like Playing a Video Game

June 14, 2017

Winning is Like a Video Game

Make Winning Fun, Again

Winning is like video game listen on Designing Your Life Today

Power Episode #316 – Have you ever played a video game? Winning is like a video game when it comes to goal achievement. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares five points that will help you make winning fun again. Sometimes when we do not achieve our goals, we have to take the time to reignite our excitement. As we continue on with our “Fun Success Summer School”, today’s show will help you to become excited about achieving every goal that you set for this year. When you think about a video game, you can compare them to real life challenges. The feeling of excitement that happens when playing a video game, can be transferred to focusing on achieving your goals. As you listen to today’s show, you will be able to compare playing a video game to goal achievement and use those comparisons to start achieving. You will be more excited about the new levels that you’re going to encounter when it comes to goal achievement. Today’s show is a fun show and the fun power action will excite you also. If you’ve ever wanted to discover how to calm your fears and go for the big prize, then today’s Designing Your Life Today is for you. Discover why winning is like a video game and use those same ideas and strategies to win in your real life goals and claim the amazing rewards and prizes that come with it.

Most people find it easy to play games. Learn to treat your goal achievement like a game you will find it easy to start winning again.

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