Be Willing to Make Big Mistakes

November 13, 2017

Be Willing to Make Big Mistakes

Failure Can Make You a Success

Be Willing to Make Big Mistakes, Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council

Power Episode#364 – Albert Einstein once said, “Something good always comes out of a failure or a great mistake.”  On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares a different perspective on why you must be willing to make big mistakes if you want to achieve big.  As this year winds down, taking a look at the mistakes you may be stressing over is a good thing.  Today’s podcast explains why, it is exciting to open your mind and see all of who you are, so you can achieve more.  Sometimes we let our ego convince us that we must be perfect or that we must be afraid of making a mistake.  Mistakes are a part of achieving, because it is a part of the learning process.

We have been taught since we were children that mistakes are bad.  As you listen to Designing Your Life Today, you will discover why perceived failure can make you a success.  This show will help you to open your mind and be willing to make big mistakes, so you can stretch and achieve your goals.  Think about the goals you did not achieve this year and examine what really happened.

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