Why You May Have a Cash Flow Shortage

March 15, 2018

Why You May Have a Cash Flow Shortage

Strategies for Increasing Your Income

Why You May Have a Cash Flow Shortage, Designing Your Life Today

Power Episode#404 – Do you work really hard to earn more money and it seems like no matter what you do, the cash just isn’t flowing.  This is the time to wonder why you may have a cash flow shortage.  On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares four causes of a cash flow shortage and some strategies for overcoming those causes. Sometimes a cash flow shortage has nothing to do with not being able to borrow money.  In other words, you can even borrow money and still eventually end up right back where you started.  Today’s Designing Your Life Today, is all about what you might want to pay attention to when it comes to why you are not thriving the way you want to.

Get some insight into what you can do to get the cash flowing and get your dream flowing right along with it.  You have what it takes to win.  You also have what it takes to get the cash you need and soar to success.  The tips from today’s show could enlighten you and put you on the right track.

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