What Type of Friend Are You

July 26, 2017

What Type of Friend Are You
Making Connections That Allow You to Flourish

Are you a friend, Pat Council, Designing Your Life Today

Power Episode #325 – Have you ever stop to think about if you are a good friend to others? What type of friend are you? On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares seven different types of friendships. As you listen to today show, you can determine what type of friend you are and make adjustments were necessary. If you are a solid as a rock friend, then you will enjoy listening to today’s show. If you are not, you will find ways and reasons to make adjustments that will help you flourish. Discover why friendships are necessary and how making connections will help you flourish. When you think about the question, “what type of friend are you“, it causes you to immediately go into self-examination mode. If after listening to today show, you discover that you could work on being a better friend, then Pat makes simple suggestions to help you get started. Also, Pat shares what each friendship level means and why it is so important to achieve the right level. Find out why building flourishing relationships can contribute to your feeling of freedom and independence. You will also get insight into how friendships can help you build stronger businesses and thrive the way you want to. On today’s Designing Your Life Today you just might be inspired to go out and make a friend.  The key is to understand that relationships are necessary when it comes to achieving your goals.  If your business is not flourishing and you really want to turn things around, start connecting with others and learn the art of friendship.  Learn to create give and take situations will make your life easier and you find life to be more rewarding.

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