What Fear is Really About

October 6, 2016

What Fear is Really About

Discover How to Remove Your Fear

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Power Episode #199 – What fear is really about is a show that you really do not want to miss. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council, gives insight into what fear is and what fear is not. Fear has many facets, but it only has one goal. The goal of fear is to stop you from living your best life by preventing you from achieving your desired goals. Fear is also designed to stop you from recognizing how powerful you really are. Find out why fear is not supposed to be a part of your daily life. Also, find out what you can do about it if fear is a part of your daily life. Although, there is a lot to learn about fear, the object of the game is to discover what your fears are keeping you from achieving. This is truly what understanding fear is all about when it comes to daily living. On today’s show, Pat Council, really discusses what fear is really about and she uses a personal life example, that you will be able to learn from and deal with your fears. Conquering fear is all about determining what you are afraid of and then deciding what you going to do about it. After discovering what fear is really about, you will become more courageous about pursuing and achieving your highest goals. Also, tune into “A Millionaires Moment”, as Pat shares success tips from Billionaire Jeffrey Bezos, the founder of Amazon.com. Jeffrey’s perspective on success will inspire each listener to have faith in their ability to achieve.

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