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September 7, 2014

Join Goal Achievement Strategist, Pat Council and her special guest on “Designing Your Life Today” , one of the best lifestyle podcasts on the internet.  Get strategies for having better health, more wealth and for cultivating fruitful and supportive relationships.  Listen to inspiring, action-oriented  information 5 days a week.   Sharpen your power cores for ultimate success and achievement.  Our power cores are the 4 sides of us that helps us “do life with power” which means having the confidence, courage, and guidance needed to follow your personal success journey.  Power cores are our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical sides.  We leave nothing out when it comes to sharing what it takes to succeed.

Listen in anytime, feel free to download any show and share it with a friend who is on the road to success.  Our show is sure to enlighten, inform and excite any listener.

Visit our website: http://designingyourlifetoday.com for more success tools, resources and ideas for getting results.

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