Is It Time To Raise Your Standards

April 12, 2017

Is It Time to Raise Your Standards

The Perfect Method for Getting Results

Power Episode #280 – Is it time to raise your standards? If you are not getting what you want in life, the easy answer is “yes”. On Designing Your Life Today, certified life coach, Pat Council shares four strategies for raising your standards, to guarantee that you get results. As we continue to share insights on how to “make it rain”, so that you can achieve all the goals you set, today’s show is a real eye opener. First, find out if it is time to raise your standards and then discovered what you can do about it. Raising your standards is not about someone else, is all about ways to hold yourself to a higher standard.

Certified life coach Pat Council provides an action step that will give you the success boost that you want and need. Learn the value of synergy and why it is important if you must raise your standards. Today show will inspire you to think big and to make a commitment to achieving those big thoughts. Raising your standards is the perfect method for getting results. Positions you to go to the next level without fear. The more you raise your standards, the less you will want to hold back your success. If you need inspiration , as well as easy to implement strategies for raising your standards, you will enjoy listening to Designing Your Life Today.

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