There is Always an Escape

December 6, 2015


Power Episode #27

Today is a special episode as Pat Council shares a message her from heart.  This message contains a powerful expression of success that came to Pat as an inspiration during her prayer and meditation and she felt compelled to share it on this special day.  Listen to this message and if it inspires you pass it on to someone you know who could use some inspiration or who may need to power up for a stronger more successful goal in 2016.  It is time to claim your greatness and get on point for fulfilling your destiny.  Be inspired to live from a position of power.  Know that you can achieve any goal that is in you to achieve and overcome any obstacle that you are confronted with and that everything will work in your favor, when you know and use the power within you.  This message will enlighten and inspire you and others.

Power Up Nation Express, Click.

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