The Science of Fear

October 27, 2016

The Science of Fear

How Not to Let Fear Control You



Power Episode#211 – When we understand the science of fear, we learn how not to let fear take control of our lives. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares some insight into the science of fear. Knowing where fear starts can help you become more self-aware and take better control of the outcome of your life when it comes to fearful situations. Get some insight as to how not to let fear control you. Find out the value of becoming more self-aware and how self-awareness can help you combat fear. In previous episodes we’ve shared about the spirituality behind fear, but there is also a science to fear. Getting an understanding about both will strengthen your confidence and your courage to win. Find out more about the effects fear has on the body, the mind and your overall environment. Discover when you’re using fear to make decisions and what you can do about it. When it comes to designing your perfect life, the more you know about the emotions and energies that can hinder you, the more equipped you will be to handle them. Making the connection between the science of fear and the spiritually of it will help anyone who understands it how to do life with power.

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