How to Tear Down Barriers to Weight Loss

October 10, 2017

How to Tear Down Barriers to Weight Loss
Are You Using Weight as a Comfort Zone

Power Episode#355 – Having difficulties losing weight can sometimes be because of emotional reasons. A lack of weight loss can sometimes be a physical manifestation of wanting to keep others at bay or prevent certain situations. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council explains how to tear down barriers to weight loss. Find out if you are using weight gain as a comfort zone. As strange as this may sound, there are some people who use weight gain to cover up emotional issues that they refuse to deal with. Sometimes weight can be used to build a wall around ourselves emotionally. It can even be used to camouflage fear and to ignore all the reasons we should really be having a love affair with ourselves. To get to physical fitness, we sometimes have to dig deep to find the love needed to break down the walls to achieve physical success. As you listen to Designing Your Life Today, find out how barriers to weight loss can affect other successful achievement in your life. Pat Council shares a simple power action that can be used to help you put the focus on the best part of who you are. Listen as she shares a true story about a lady who sabotaged every weight loss program she tried because of guilt and shame. Be inspired to shake off any guilt, shame or inferiority complex that may be overriding your success. Learn to use love to create a comfort zone and not excessive overeating. Discovering how to tear down barriers to weight loss makes having discipline much simpler.

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