Taming the Annoying Voice Within

May 23, 2016

emotional man listening his inner voice over grey background

Power Episode #127 – If you have ever had a nagging voice inside that talked you out of your best life or you felt like something inside was convincing you that you should not do work, because you won’t win not matter what, then today’s show is for you.  Find out strategies for calming your inner critic.  Get ideas on how to notice when your inner critic is talking you out of successful habits.  Imagine being able to shut down the inner voice that talks you out of being your best.  These 5 strategies will make it easier for you to follow through until you achieve, big.  Stop getting sucked into mental debates and recognize when your inner critic is active.  Instead of constantly wrestling with self-judgement, start seeing it for what it is and learn to turn your attention towards things that are more useful.  Find out the value of using the sensation of breathing to make dealing with your inner critic easier.  Become your own best friend and feel relief from any voice that talks you out of your power to win!

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