Taking Fitness Seriously

August 8, 2017

Taking Fitness Seriously
How to Set the Right Tone

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Power Episode #328 – Taking fitness seriously will not only help you achieve your fitness goals, it will also boost your confidence for achieving other personal goals. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares five things you can do for setting the right mindset to achieve fitness. After not exercising for two months, at the instruction of her chiropractor, Pat decided to get back into shape. It was harder than she thought. This is when she realized she had to get serious if she wanted to achieve her fitness goal. For the next few weeks on designing your life today, Pat will be sharing how she made the adjustment that has led to her losing 12 pounds so far. By listening to the strategies that Pat is used and is still using, you may be inspired to become serious about your own fitness or to adopt a bounce back ability mindset. Today on Designing Your Life Today discover the most important starting point for any fitness journey and how to set the right tone for you. When we call all start taking fitness seriously, the energy levels and success levels will rise.  Also take a look at the new changes to our website at https://designingyourlifetoday.com.

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