Shifting from Fear to Courage

October 12, 2016

Shifting from Fear to Courage

Activating Your Faith to Win

fake or real being in doubt and suspicious critical thinking possible or impossible reality check searching truth being skeptic skepticism

Power Episode #201 – Shifting from fear to courage can be done using the strategies that Pat Council will be sharing on Designing Your Life Today. Get four easy to follow strategies that will bring about a shift towards courage almost instantly. Find out how to interrupt the process of allowing fear to dominate your life, when it comes to an unpleasant situation. Learn how to confess your strength and to stand tall while doing it. Find out what types of people to stay away from as you work on building your confidence in strengthening your courage. Find out how being fearful can bring several unanticipated and unwanted events into your life. Learn how to activate your faith, so that you can stay focused on designing your perfect life. The more we understand fear, the more we can all take control of our destiny. Today’s show provides information that will definitely make shifting from fear to courage a lot easier.

Also, listen to today’s What’s Up with That Wednesday. Pat Council briefly discusses the video that revealed lewd behavior by Donald Trump and explains why both candidates might want to consider cleaning up their act. Listen as she shares a solution for those who are having difficulty deciding who to vote for.

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