A Servants Heart Brings Success-Jon Gordon

April 14, 2016

jon gordon

Power Episode #106 – Masterful Storyteller, Jon Gordon shares wisdom.  When you adopt a servants heart, you will definitely achieve success at a level you never imagine. In this episode, special guest Jon Gordon, the bestseller author whose winning principles have been put to use by coaches in the NFL, NBA, and MLB and various corporations, takes some time to share with Designing Your Life Today listeners. Get the keys and strategies to winning in your business and everyday living. In fact, you will get ideas that will cause you to exceed the level you imagined.  Find out what it means to love, serve, and care in your business and how it can bring you the best. Adopting the servants heart in your business will help you produce with energy and consistency.  If you are having challenges in your business or life, this is the show to listen to as, Jon Gordon shares about his inspirations and the main keys to overcoming failures.  Find out how to discover the lessons of life faster and contribute to your personal and business growth.  Jon Gordon is one of the leaders when it comes to teaching success principles.  The best is, these are principles that have been proven to be true and Jon lives them daily.  You will enjoy today’s show and be sure to pass it on to friends and colleagues, because today’s show is sure to inspire anyone who listens to it.  Learn what it means to have a servants heart and how it can help you excel in life.  This is really what “doing life with power” is all about in today’s world.   Get the real meaning of love, serve, care as it relates to building your best life. #love,serve,care

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