Say What You’re Going To Do

April 25, 2016

Words Have Power / Motivational Business Phrase Note

Power Episode #116 – We often hear that words have power, but are we really convince?  When you understand the power of saying what you are going do, you will not hesitate to embrace your destiny.  So what are your goals and who have you shared them with? There is a lot of motion in speaking your goals.  Get 5 points that are connected to principles and some strategies that you can put into motion immediately, that will inspire you to keep doing what it takes to achieve your goal.  Get accustomed to saying what you are going to do, because it is the first step to planting the right seeds for your success.  Start speaking life to your life by speaking the best for your health, finances and your relationships.  Be sure you are not letting your words condemn you or stop you from stepping out of your shell to win.  Start speaking your success with a boldness.  Find out how speaking words of kindness and words that uplift others can improve your life and make your goals happen faster.  Find out how connecting the words to your desire can help you focus and build your life with excitement.  Get a whole new meaning of what it means to speak corrupt communication.  It goes beyond what you say about others or what they say about you that may not be good. Today’s show will truly enlighten you about the real power of words and how to use them to set your best life in motion.  If you didn’t believe about the power of words before after listening to today’s show, you will be convince of the importance of watching what you speak.  You will realize that it is the words that can help you, “do life with power”!

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