Remember Nap Time

September 19, 2017

Remember Nap Time
Daytime Sleeping Can Boost Your Energy

Nap Time, Designing Your Life today, Pat Council

Power Episode #345 – Remember nap time when you were in grade school? On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares more about her fitness journey. Discover the importance of taking a nap. Find out what nap time can do for your body and your brain. Get inspired to get more sleep during the night. Pat shares how nap time can combat fatigue and stress. She also discusses how her nap times have benefited her when it comes to physical fitness and improving your work ethic. If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, you will enjoy today’s show. You will also get permission to take a nap when you need it. Find out why depriving yourself of sleep can affect your daily work performance and make changes in your sleep habits. Get the energy boost you need by listening to Designing Your Life Today. Remember to join the “Power Up Today” newsletter and you could win a copy of Pat Council’s newest book.

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