Releasing Disempowering Habits

April 26, 2016

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Power Episode #117 – Anytime it becomes difficult to achieve a set goal, it is because there are normally some dis-empowering habits that are preventing the success.  When we feel empowered, we will go the extra mile to do more than we originally thought was possible.  Have you ever identified your empowering habits?  Most likely you know what they are and you are using them.  What about the dis-empowering habits?  Do you have any or have you taken the time to identify them?  Today’s show will give you 5 specific strategies you can use to take control any those habits that you think are holding you back.  We will discuss how your emotions can help eliminate those habits and how you can increase your resolve to take the actions needed to them.  Also, find out the value of substitution and make it easier to form new productive habits that will keep you inspired and may be even cause you to branch out for greater successes.  If it is not raining success in your business or in your life, take the necessary steps to move the habits that do not serve you and you will be showered with more success than you can handle.  Usually, it takes discipline to make the changes, but sometimes our discipline is not as strong as we would like it to be.  We have solutions that will help you activate and strengthen your discipline.  Are you ready to make achievement a normal thing in your life?  If so, listen to this podcast and follow the strategies.  Before you know it, you will be “doing life with power”.

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