Are Regrets Holding You Back

October 4, 2017

Are Regrets Holding You Back
Let Go and Live

Are regrets holding you back, Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council

Power Episode#353 – When you think about goal achievement or engaging in flourishing relationships, the idea of flow comes to mind. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council discusses holding onto regrets. Are regrets holding you back? If you are allowing regrets to hold you back from achieving your goals or living your best life, then it is time to let go and live. Pat will share for simple strategies for releasing yourself from regrets. Acknowledging that you do regret something is often the easiest first step, but this is where most people get stuck. They continue to acknowledge the regrets over and over again. Constantly holding onto regrets will keep you from living your best life. Also holding onto regrets stifles your creativity. The key to engaging in flourishing relationships is to learn how to have an exciting relationship with yourself. It is difficult to do that when constantly looking to the past and living a life of regret in the present. Towards the end of the show Pat shares a power action that you can implement that will inspire you to move forward in life. Every goal that you desire to achieve is put on hold when you live a life of regret. As you examine where you are when it comes to designing your perfect life consider if regrets are holding you back. Are regrets holding you back? If the answer is yes, then you will be inspired by today’s wonderful Wednesday on Designing Your Life Today.

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