Are You Being Pushed Toward Purpose

September 25, 2017

Are You Being Pushed Toward Purpose
Discover What Your Life is Telling You

Pushed Towards Purpose, Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council

Power Episode# 348 – Did you ever wake up one day and feel completely unsatisfied with your life? Do you feel like there’s something guiding you towards more? Are you being pushed toward purpose? On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares insight to help you discover if you’re being pushed toward purpose. We all have special gifts and talents, yet many of us have settled and are not using those talents to build a quality lifestyle. Listen to the affirmation of the week on Designing Your Life Today and take steps to remove any limitations from your life. First of all, no matter where you are in life always take a moment to be grateful. This opens the door for you to discover a more exciting life. However, if you feel unsatisfied and you’ve lost your excitement because you feel as though you’re being pulled forward, then today’s show provides insight on why you should not settle. Being pushed towards a purpose happens when you refuse to fully express your life in a way that is conducive to your growth and the growth of others. When you are not taking enough steps to fully realize your goals, life circumstances will often give you a push. As you listen to designing your life today, you will get insight as to what the pushing towards your highest and best feels like. Finally get the information you need to give yourself permission to thrive and start doing life with power.

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