Push Pass Fear to Win

October 31, 2016

Push Pass Fear to Win

Start Taking Control of Goal Achievement

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Power Episode#213 – As we wrap up a month of learning how to crush fear, get inspired to push pass fear to win.  On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares the importance of pushing forward to get over any fear that is stopping you from achieving your goals.  Learn what it really means to get beyond obstacles that are created by fear. Today’s show will inspire you to not let fear win in your life and you will be inspired to not only identify your fear, but to put together your own strategies and ideas for conquering fear.  Find out about all the recommended resources for the month of October, that will give you more insight and direction when it comes to strengthening to your courage and confidence. Also, find out more about more the upcoming shows for November.  Find out how to use grace, giving and gratitude to finish 2016 strong and to create goals that will guarantee your success.  No is the time to design your perfect life.

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