Purpose Comes Before Passion

September 14, 2016

Compass with needle pointing the word purpose. Conceptual illustration for achieving goals.

Purpose Comes Before Passion

How to Fuel Your Passion through Purpose

Power Episode #185 – Discover why purpose comes before passion, on Designing Your Life Today. find out how your purpose can keep your passion from fizzling out before you get started. How many times if you heard do what you’re passionate about? You do it you’re passionate about only to find that it will not help you create the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted. While it is important to do it you’re passionate about, it is more important to first discover your purpose. When we hear do what you’re passionate about, we often think that means if you love basket weaving, you should drop everything and turn it into a business or make it a life’s calling. Once that’s done, sometimes we find that it doesn’t work out the way we had hoped. The truth is if it does not align with your purpose, you will not find it as rewarding or satisfying. Over time, you will lose your passion and wonder which way to go next. This is the part where some people spend time working to figure out their lives. Pat Council shares for strategies that will help you discover how to connect your purpose to your passion have a lifelong exciting journey filled with success

Being passionate about something does not guarantee in income that will take care of your needs. However, discovering your purpose and connecting it to passion will not only bring you income that will allow you to create the lifestyle you always wanted, it will also bring you joy, peace and so much more.

Also, on today’s “What’s Up With That Wednesday”, find out what Ryan Lochte has to do with launching and relaunching in business and life. Learn from his situation and even be inspired to have another perspective when it comes to your life.  Purpose come before passion will inspire you to launch or re-launch with confidence.


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