Problems and What You Can Do about Them

June 25, 2018

Problems and What You Can Do about Them

Get the Chance to Do Your Best

Problem solving

Power Episode#448 – No matter what goal you set, there will be times when problems arise.  That can be a part of the fun.  On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council discusses problems and what you can do about them.  Just because problems arise that does not mean you are suppose to give up.  Problems can sometimes mean it’s time for you to get more creative or they can be designed to send you in a direction that will take you toward your highest and best.  Pat shares three ways you can meet challenges and feel good about it.  Sometimes no matter how much we plan or how much we persist, something will go wrong.  Find out what you can do about it, today on Designing Your Life Today.

Mentioned on Show:

Book: The Obstacle is the Way   

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