How Perception Creates Unstoppable Confidence

September 21, 2016

Right-wrong concept. Big red dice with options.

How Perception Creates Unstoppable Confidence

More Keys to Creating Success

Power Episode #189 – When we understand how perception creates unstoppable confidence, we can take better control of how we handle day-to-day situations. The way we handle situations says a lot about how we perceive our role in life. By having more clarity over how you view life, you can decide if you want to make changes that will boost your confidence. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares the importance of working to put a positive frame around various experiences in life. The meaning of any experience, event, or interaction can vary widely between two people because it’s their choice as to what they make of the situation. Find out ways to deal with experiences that you may have put a negative spin on or you may feel frustrated about how it ended. Nobody else has the power to determine your own perception of events. Only you can make the decision as to how you are going to proceed when something unpleasant or unavoidable happens to you. Find out some of the questions to ask yourself to ensure that you do not become a victim of your own perception about life. Learning how perception creates unstoppable confidence can make life much easier.

Also, find out a new “Irrefutable Principle of Success”. As Pat shares the connection between the law of vibration and the law of attraction. Find out how to use the law of vibration to create the life you desire. Get to very specific strategies for working out problems or improving on the conditions of various areas in your life. No matter what is going on in your life, find out how an understanding of the law of vibrations can change things for the better.


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