Not Thriving, Help Someone

February 22, 2018

Not Thriving, Help Someone

How to Tap into Your Powerful Purpose

Not Thriving, Help Someone

Power Episode#391 – If you feel like you are disconnected from your purpose, then it is easy to find yourself not thriving.  When you find yourself not thriving, help someone.  It sounds simple, but helping someone can help you tap into your powerful purpose. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares three reasons how helping someone can boost your business and your life.  Keeping with our theme about love and how it can bring you the increase in business and life that you may be looking for, today’s show is all about how helping someone is an expression of love that can bring miracles into you life.

When you put the focus on helping someone, you will be surprised how your inner power opens up.  Listen to today’s show and take the bonus challenge.  You are sure to make a shift into success, as you enjoy Designing Your Life Today.

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