New Thoughts bring New Conditions

August 31, 2017

New Thoughts bring New Conditions

You are in the Success Zone

new thoughts bring new conditions on Designing Your Life Today Podcast with Pat Council

Power Episode #341 – New thoughts bring new conditions and now you are in a position to take charge and win.  We are at the end of our series on positioning your life for success and wealth.  If you have been following the series you now have more insight on being in position for success.  Summer is almost over and we are nearing the end of the third quarter, so it’s time to move towards achieving your goals for 2017.  On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council does a quick recap of August’s shows and gives a sneak peek into the giveaway’s during September.  September is the anniversary of Designing Your Life Today, so listen in and find out what’s coming up.  Pat also shares some wisdom about how to change the conditions of your life.  New thoughts bring new conditions.  Give yourself a reason to start building the life that works for you and those closest to you.  Replace the old thoughts that do not serve you with the new thoughts and change the conditions in your life.   Today’s show is filled with an array of concepts to convince you that you are now positioned to achieve the goals you have set for your personal success.  You are in the success zone and you will stay there as long as you remember that new thoughts brings new conditions.

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