How Mixing Business and Pleasure Can Work

April 13, 2016

Three business professionals working together

Power Episode #105 – When we hear about mixing business with pleasure, we think of it as a no-no, but it is all a matter of perspective.  Today, most business is done through connecting with others through basic friendships and being liked.  Think about it, if people don’t like you, they won’t do business with you, unless you have something they can not live without. Pat Council shares 5 tips that explains why mixing business and pleasure can build your business faster and increase your income.   Build stronger more profitable business relationships when you learn how to use the 5 characteristics that will connect to people and make you memorable.  Building solid relationships in business, often turn into friendships and these friendships, though genuine can come with lots of referrals and connections.  Make building your business in direct sales or a home based much easier by getting out and winning friends and influencing people.  Also, get some insight as to how discussing hobbies and other fun things with friends can give you a boost in building your business.  Break out of the traditional business mold and start building your business fast, with excellence.  This show will give you a different way of looking at your business and how to build in a less stressful and more fun way.  Share this podcast with someone who may be having challenges increasing their business revenue.  The money is in the relationships and the connections that we make in our business and friendships.

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