Mindfulness Brings Fitness

August 22, 2017

Mindfulness Brings Fitness

Finding a Place of Peace

Mindfulness Brings Success

Power Episode #336 – On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council talks about finding a place of peace and how mindfulness brings fitness. She continues to share about her fitness journey and one of the discoveries that she made that will benefit you, also. If you are person who stays up late, have a hard time slowing your mind down or you’re simply stressed out, you will enjoy today’s Designing Your Life Today. As you listen to this podcast, you will learn what to do about stress that causes weight gain.  Pat discusses mindfulness and how it can benefit you when used effectively. After adding it to her daily routine, she discovered how valuable mindfulness can be when it comes to achieving any goal, especially physical fitness. Engaging in mindfulness can benefit your life in several ways and today’s show shares those ways. The value of engaging in awareness will surprise you. You will want to start practicing mindfulness, once you understand the benefits. The best part about understanding mindfulness is that it is something you can do as a part of your everyday activities. It takes no extra time, in fact, it will help you appreciate time more. As you listen to Designing Your Life Today, you will discover how finding a place of peace can be accomplished much easier through mindfulness. Listen until the end of today’s show and participate in the mindfulness power action that Pat shares. Also, get a sneak peek into tomorrow’s show. It is not one you want to miss.

Finding a place of peace is all about discovering ways to be still and win at the same time.

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