Love Yourself Enough to Win

February 26, 2018

Love Yourself Enough to Win

Make the Decision Not to Stop

love yourself enough to win

Power Episode#392 – Do you need to revive your goals?  It may sound crazy, because the year just started.  Of course studies show that by now most people have fizzled out or talked themselves out of achieving their goals.  Sometimes when you can’t think of anything else, maybe you should love yourself enough to win.  On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares the power of loving yourself enough to win.  It is important to love yourself until you follow through until you reach the end of your goals.  It may sound corny, but love will help you follow through until you win.  Knowing that you deserve to have the best life and going for what you believe you should have will help you to maintain your focus.  As you listen to today’s show think about the number of time you have given up on your dreams and make the decision to get back in the game.  Achievement is not always easy, but when you love yourself enough to win, you will not give up.

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