Launching to Win Big

September 7, 2016


Power Episode #180 – Today’s show is all about how to launch to win big. Whether you are launching or re-launching, on Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council will share four strategies for staying on point once you start any project or focus on achieving any goal. Get inspired to become fully engaged and achieve on the highest level. That is what it means to launch to win big. If you feel like you’ve been bouncing back, today show will inspire you to get on target and bounce forward. It is necessary to know where you’re going and what you are prepared to do to get there. Find out some very powerful questions to ask yourself that will reveal the truth about your personal achievements. Find out if you are afraid to take a risk or if you’re relaunching find out why you may be holding yourself back from taking another risk. Get simple ways to examine all the reasons why you may be creating excuses instead of valid reasons for not moving forward. Release those excuses and create reasons to win big!

Get the scoop about our upcoming accountability group, that is full of positive superstars who are all about doing life with power. Connect with people that will help you minimize your reasons for not fulfilling your dreams. Shift your feelings to work for your success and not against it. Make something wonderful happen in your life by finding more ways to go above and beyond what you’re already doing without exhausting yourself. Understand the importance of increasing your resourcefulness by connecting with the right people. Do you know what you really want? Today’s show, will put you on the right track for making the best decisions. Today is your day to go for it and win big.

Also, find out why Spiritual Principles work and take control of your destiny. When you understand spiritual principles you will learn that life is not about chance, but about aligning with the best energy so you can win.


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