How You Refuse to Quit

September 25, 2018

How You Refuse to Quit

Taking Steps to Get Results

Refuse to Quit

Power Episode#484 – Sometimes, for us not to quit, we have to take small steps.  Whether the steps are big or small, taking steps to get results is the name of the game.  On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council provides information on How You Refuse to Quit.  If you truly want to reach a success destiny, then you must refuse to quit.  Circumstances may cause you to want to give up and stop, but pressing forward will bring the rewards you are hoping for.  Of course, saying you are going to keep moving forward is easier said then done.  Pat Council shares one of her personal challenges with staying on course and she provides 4 steps that she used to win her challenge.  As you listen to the 4 steps you will find out how you refuse to quit and start taking steps to get results.  Today’s Designing Your Life Today will inspire you to stay in the success game.

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