How to Know What You Want

December 19, 2016

How to Know What You Want
A Quick Way to Set Goals

Power Episode#235 – Today show is all about how to know what you want. On designing your life today, Pat Council shares a quick way to set goals. If you have gotten stuck when it comes to sending your 2017 goals, this is the perfect show for you. Pat shares an unusual technique, that people use constantly, but are not aware of how to use this concept to discover what they really want from life. So many people are busy during the holidays, yet they still want to be prepared for the coming year. This show will teach you how to use complaining to exposure true desires. Goal setting has been a challenge for you up till now, learn how to create the flow that will help you set the best goals for you. Remember to share the simple goal setting techniques others who may be having challenges deciding what they want to accomplish, next year. Take the stress and challenge out of goal setting by discovering the obvious.  The best way to get excited about your goals is to learn how to know what you want.

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