How to Have a Great Week

March 12, 2018

How to Have a Great Week

Push Past Anything

How to Have a Great Week

Power Episode#401 – We can be excited about all the amazing goals we set, and we can’t wait to get started making them happen, but sometimes when we least expect it, something happens to totally ruin the week.  On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares strategies that will teach you how to have a great week.  If you want to achieve goals, it is important to learn to push past anything that maybe trying to stop you.  How do you keep your focus when something upsets your plans.  The four strategies that are shared on today’s Designing Your Life Today will help you push past anything and help you discover how to have a great week.  Get an understanding about how to deal with the unexpected and make things work out in your favor.

Also, listen to the power affirmation for the week and be inspired to release your magnificence.

Mentioned on the show:

Book:  You are a Badass 

Free Course:  The Magnificent You

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