How to Crush Fear

October 3, 2016

How to Crush Fear

Designing Your Life Today Has the Answer


Power Episode #197 – Learn how to crush fear!  Fear stops most people from achieving their most desired goals. This is a special month on Designing Your Life Today. As you listen to today’s show, get some ideas about what it will take to crush fear. All month long we will be sharing insights that will help anyone discover how to crush fear. Today’s show shares the highlights of what’s to come throughout the entire month of October. Find out how to get the free “Crush Fear” MP3.  Learn everything you need to know about fear. Does fear give you comfort?  Find out how to get your comfort in a way that’s more productive. Clearly understand why setting and achieving goals is not to be taken lightly and how fear can prevent both. Find out about some simple tools that will ignite your passion for achievement. A clear understanding of fear will make it easier to conquer and make anyone who is attacked by it more powerful to stand up to it. Find out some known ways to conquer fear and some effective unknown  ways to put fear in its place. Ideas such as how selfishness can help you crush the very idea of fear. Other topics we will be discussing are how to take control of your destiny and not feel out of control when it comes to your life. Get an understanding where fear keeps coming from and how to stop it in it’s tracks. You can learn how fear brings poverty, but you will also learn how to use fear against poverty. This is going to be an exciting month learning how to disrupt the pattern of fear. It will allow you to achieve big.


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