How to Be You – Courage to Start a Business

September 10, 2015


Thrive Session #1

Printella Bankhead, Founder/Owner EBS Secruity

Welcome to the new version of “Designing Your Life Today”.  Pat Council and her special guest, thriving business owner, Printella Bankhead will share how to get in touch with the real you and have the courage to start the business you have always wanted to start. Use the “Power Up Journal Sheets” for this week to find out more about yourself and to tap into the best part of who you are.  Position yourself to earn more income in time for the holidays by jumpstarting your successful self.  Hear Printella’s story and get inspired to take action, immediately.  All get information about some of the productivity tools that are available for those looki
ng to start a business or to streamline daily activities.  Great to learn about these productivity tools if you already own a business of any type.  Take control of your wealth and your quality life,
today.  Get excited about doing life with power!

Download free Power Up Journal Sheets. Click here.

Printella’s Simple Business Success Tips. (Click to download)

staying on course

Preview a copy of Printella’s Business and Life Success book.


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