How Physical Fitness Sharpens Your Edge

April 10, 2018

How Physical Fitness Sharpens Your Edge

Strengthening Your Resolve to Achieve

Power Episode#418 – If you want to win, you must constantly work at strengthening your power cores: emotional, spiritual, mental and physical.  On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares insight on how physical fitness sharpens your edge.  Part of being physically fit is strengthening your body through exercise and eating right.  Exercise and eating right is about more than the obvious reasons, such as doing what’s right for a longer life. We all want to achieve and serve our life’s purpose and it is a lot easier to do that when you feel good and look the part of a healthy and happy person.  Think about what exercising and eating right can do for your body internally, your brain and how it can boost your energy.

As you listen to today’s show, you will be inspire to pay more attention to what you eat and how much exercise you do or what type.

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