How Lack of Achievement Causes Weight Gain

June 5, 2018

How Lack of Achievement Causes Weight Gain

One Technique for Dropping Excess Weight

Lack of Achievement Causes Weight Gain

Power Episode#438 – Failing to achieve goals you are serious about can make you feel like a failure.  On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council gives insight into how lack of achievement causes weight gain.  When we feel like a failure for not achieving a specific goal, we sometimes judge ourselves too harshly.  This can sometimes lead to abusing ourselves by over eating.  This is used as a way of dealing with the blow that a perceived failure has dealt to one’s self-esteem.  If we fail at a goal, we sometimes feel that we must sabotage ourselves in other ways, also.  In other words, we reinforce the idea of failure by lowering our deserve level.  Find out what can be done with one simple technique.  Also discover some fun things to do for getting more exercise.

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