A Great Staying Motivated Strategy

January 12, 2017

A Great Staying Motivated Strategy

Accountability is a Big Deal

Power Episode#243 – If you are going to achieve your goals this year, you want to have a great staying motivated strategy. Many people lose interest in their goals early in the year because their motivation goes down. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares a great staying motivated strategy. Find out why accountability is a big deal and how to make it fun and more pleasant. Listen to today’s show and discover how to keep your focus on achieving the goals you set, this year. Motivation comes from within, but it can be inspired by those that you connect to. Find out how to make the right connections and start achieving big. This is your year to shine. It is time to “be bodacious” and not hold back the amazing person you are. On today’s “Thriving Thursday” show, you will get a major key that will help you thrive.

Also, find out about some of the free perks that Pat is making available to all Designing Your Life Today listeners. If one of your goals is to increase your income, listen to today’s show and take advantage of the free goal achievement opportunities. It is time to get into the success game and play to win. Find out ways you can do that by discovering a great staying motivated strategy. Discover how the free goal achievement perks can eliminate any reasons you might have for not doing life with power.  If the life you are living is not the life you desire.  Make this the year you redesign your life.  This is your year to build a well-lived, joyful and exciting life.

Book: Start Winning: How to Achieve Life the Top 8 Percent

Blog: Choosing the Best Accountability Partner

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