Gratitude Controls Your Destiny

November 9, 2016

Gratitude Controls Your Destiny

Open the Door to Pure Achievement and Success

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Power Episode#218 – If you truly want to excel in life, find out how gratitude controls your destiny. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares four powerful points that will help you clearly understand how gratitude can help you get the destiny that you want. Where you want to go in life? What type of lifestyle would you like to have? The most important question: What does it really take to reach your desired destiny? The simple answer is, it takes you and connection to the right relationships, but it all starts with you. Today’s show provides a very different perspective on gratitude and how it can work to help you build the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Also, learn more about how your ego can stifle your gratitude and close the door to your true destiny or your most powerful purpose. Get an understanding of gratitude that will help you take control of how and where you end up in life. Get insight as to how to stop leaving your successful destiny up to others. Listening to Designing Your Life Today, will leave you inspired and enlightened as you learn how to use your gratitude to stay empowered. Discover new ways to activate your personal strength and wisdom. Also, discover how to really feel the energy of gratitude. Most people are accustomed to writing down things they are grateful for. Although that is a great start, this will not give you the true benefits of gratitude energy. Get more insight as to how gratitude controls your destiny.

This week the Irrefutable Principles of Success are back. Find out how to use the “Law of Grace” to bring the best outcome into your life. Understanding this law will make almost anyone feel good about giving themselves a do over.

Gratitude controls your destiny in a way that will help you to stay empowered. This show will ignite your boldness while sharing the key to maintaining your graciousness.

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