Grace Changes Things

November 10, 2016

Grace Changes Things

How Grace Can Make This Country Great


Power Episode#219 – Grace changes things for the better. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares some insight on using grace to bring about change. After it was announced that Donald Trump won the presidency, many people posted insulting comments on social media. Today’s show is different from some of our other shows. It addresses the importance of using grace to bring about the change that America needs. Hopefully, today show will inspire people to take back their power. We all have the power to build the quality lifestyle that we deserve. The lifestyle that people have is not up to any one human being and today show provides insight that will help anyone calm their fears and take control of their destiny.

Regardless of ethnic background or gender we are all wonderful people. The truth of the matter is no one person can stop your destiny, unless you let them. Of course, each individual can stop their own success by putting out negative energy. If you truly want to live your best life, then learn to use your grace to change things for the better. As you listen to today’s show, think of ways you can make things better and consider taking action, now. Grace changes things, but only when we allow it to come through each of us.

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