Getting Rid of Fear

March 24, 2016

NEVER LET YOUR FEAR DECIDE YOUR FUTURE motivational quote. Yellow paint line on the road against asphalt background. Concept image

Power Episode #92 (No Commercials. Too Important to miss.) Fear is coming from almost everywhere these days and unfortunately, it’s being spoken out of people mouths, more and more.  Remember, whatever is spoken about on a consistent basis will eventually be framed and given life.  Buying into old wives tales, limited thinking and flat out falsehoods is what stimulates fear, but we do not have to tolerate fear in any way.  When fear attacks, you must power up and attack it, subdue it and get rid of it!  The question is how do you get rid of it?  Pat Council shares 3 ways to get rid of fear and 4 weapons to use that will guarantee that you take control of your life and not let fear have the control.

Book Mentioned:

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