Getting the Best Plan

August 22, 2016
time for action text - 3d red and white letters and block business concept

time for action text – 3d red and white letters and block business concept

Power Episode #171 – Today’s show is all about getting the best plan together for goal achieving.  Start accomplishing with more ease.   Have you ever wondered about your goals or if you are using the most effective plan?  As we continue to discuss getting “back to the basics”, all weeks long get tangible tasks for achieving very specific results.  Start achieving your goals by coming from a position of power, which happens when you have a clear vision and the right tools.  Get some ideas as to what tools to use to make getting results effortless.  This year is your time to win. If you are having challenges achieving your goals then maybe you have set the wrong goals.  Find out how to set goals that empower and inspire you to stay on course until you get the results you are after.  Today’s show will help you create a clearer path to success.  Pat Council shares 5 strategies that are easy to implement.  These strategies are timeless, but a little twist has been added so that you get more results.  Get back to the basics this month by re-examining your whole vision and track your progress using milestones that will give you a snapshot of your achievement process.  Shift your mindset toward ultimate success and change your life.  Finally, get convince that you are “built by design to win” and truly be excited about “doing life with power”!

Get a power word that will inspire you to make the best plans for your success.  Also, a new power action will certainly put you on the right track to using tangible actions to get the best results.

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