Getting the Best Plan

August 22, 2016

Getting the Best Plan – Show Notes
This week’s shows are centered around using tangible tasks for achieving results.

During today’s show, Pat Council shares five strategies that will help you create your best plan.  If you are having challenges achieving goals, the tangible tasks shared will give you clear guidance.  Zig Ziglar, who has since passed away, always said, “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.”
Below are the basic five strategies. Listen to the show and get more insight and explanations on how to use them effectively:
1. Create your vision.
2. Write down your goals. There is a specific way to write your goals, such that they fully aligned with your vision. This adds more impact to goal achievement.
3. Work at least 30 minutes daily on your goals. There is also another school of thought, working on a specific goal for at least four hours each day will help achieve larger goals much faster.
4. Write out your daily to do list. An effective daily to do list fully aligns with your goals for the quarter or the entire year.
5. Track your progress each day.
a. Assess or reassess at the end of the week.
b. Assess your progress at the end of 30 days.

Power Word of the Week: Vision – a true visionary is a planner.

Success Tangibles Mentioned on the show:

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Power Action for Today:  Be sure you have an effective planner.  An effective planner would be one that is keeping you on task, focused on your goals and it is helping you get the results you are expecting.  Be sure to check out the Franklin Planners and Designing Your Life Today has included a discount code.

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