Feel It, Then Overcome It

April 27, 2016

Adults must learn to overcome their emotional childhood traumas

Power Episode #118 – That which you can not feel, you cannot determine if you need to overcome it.  It is important to learn how to feel your way to success as you connect it to your success power.  Get 5 strategies for making the connection to feeling your way to continued success.  We hear that we have the power within us and it is true, but the key is to learn to use the power within.  Your success power does come from within and it is absolutely under your control.  So, how do you exercise that control and start creating the success you want?  It is important to get the knowledge of the principles, then learn the exact principles to use to build your power and to start winning.  There are a lot of principles to understand, but for today’s show we will consider the principle of Cause and Effect.  Every thought is the cause and every condition is an effect,  Knowing this indicates that it is essential that you learn to control your thoughts and that you find the methods for connecting to your success power.  There may have been times when you have been prompted to a specific action that will lead to your success.  Understand how to build your discipline to win.  Start feeling what’s really going on with you, acknowledge it then learn how to overcome it.  It is time to be clear about your intentions and to learn how to use them to power forward to your success.  It is your destiny to win, and the key is to find out how.

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