Down to Earth Success with Sylvia Walker

April 28, 2016


Power Episode #119 – Even though you have the power within to achieve success, it would be easier if you use your natural talents.  Pat Council interviews Sylvia Walker the Ceo of “Natural As I Wanna Be”, a company that produces organic skincare products.  Sylvia made the leap from employee to entrepreneur and it has worked out well for her.  She is using her passion to build an exciting business.  Also, hear about her debut as a reality star on a new show called “Hatched” that will be on the CW network.  Check the CW network in your area.  The show will be on this Saturday.

Also, enjoy this interview and discover what it means to step out with faith and a plan.  You will be inspired by Sylvia as you hear her story.  She also shares a few skincare details.  Get the feel of what it means to be committed to excellence in life.

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