De-Stress and Sleep Easily

November 29, 2016

De-Stress and Sleep Easily

Creating a Healthy Gratitude Habit

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Power Episode#226 – Learning to lower your stress and get enough sleep will definitely contribute to a healthier lifestyle. On designing your life today, Pat Council shares five fun strategies that will help almost anyone de-stress and sleep easily. Developing the habit of feeling grateful has many health benefits. Research shows that learning to be grateful can reduce depression, almost eliminate stress and contribute to getting a good night sleep, consistently. The five strategies that are shared in today’s show, will help you adopt the habit of gratitude, easily. Once you start using the strategies mentioned in today’s show, you will begin to feel good almost instantly. As you listen to the various ways to adopt a habit of gratitude, feel free to use all of the suggestions or choose the ones that work for you. Making gratitude a part of your life daily, will help you connect to others and be more optimistic about various situations in your life. Having an attitude of gratitude means that you are less likely to ponder over the negative in a situation. Start focusing on the positive in your life and call forward all the good stuff and you will be a whole lot happier as each day goes by. Developing the habit of gratitude is a simple, feel-good way to de-stress and sleep easily.

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