Creating Magnetic Success Energy

August 25, 2016

Creating Success Photo

Power Episode #174 – In today’s show, find out how to start using the success energy you already have.  Success isn’t a random thing that just happens to certain people.  Your success will come when you personally align with the right energy surrounding the Universal Laws.  Take “chance” out of winning and use the best approach to bring your dreams into existence.  This show will 5 energies that will position you to change your life.

It also includes the power actions for this week as you continue to take tangible action that will bring you the results you are looking to achieve.  Discover ways to use optimism that you never dreamed of.

Have you been wondering how to turn things around in your life?  Today’s show will give you simple answers and actions to take fast.


Resources Mentioned on the Show:

Get Cash for Your Business. Click here

The Purpose Driven Life:  What on Earth Am I Here For.  Click here

Breakthrough to the Success Zone.  Click here 

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