Confessions and Laughter Activates Everything

March 25, 2016

confession to god or jesus plea guilty as charged and confess crime or sin testimony or proof truth

Power Episode #93 If you want to achieve a goal, change a habit, or get rid of fear, you must adjust 2 things: Your mindset and your belief system.  If anything is holding you back, it is rooted in your belief system and that affects your mindset.  Find out how to activate the best energies within, so that you can use them on the outside to build the life you want and never let fear or any other low energy stop you again.  You can speak life and destiny to your situation or you can speak death (through fear) and shut down your vision and path to what was intended to be a great destiny for you.  Start using confessions and laughter to activate and attract your good.

Find out about 2 Phrases That Prevent Success. Click to Watch 

Book Mentioned

The P.O.W.E.R.: Using What You Have to Achieve Success. Click Here

The Power of Intentional Goal Setting. Click Here

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