Conditioning Your Mind for Success

August 14, 2017

Conditioning Your Mind for Success
Affirmations That Position You for Success

Power Episode #331 – Conditioning your mind for success is necessary if you want to achieve your goals. One of the best ways to condition your mind for success is to write out affirmations that inspire you. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares what it takes to condition your mind for success. In order to receive the things that you desire in life, you must be in a mental condition to receive them. Every goal that you achieve has to come through you. This means that belief is absolutely necessary if you are going to win. The best way to strengthen your belief is to work on conditioning your mind for success.
Pat Council shares five powerful affirmations that will help you on your journey to conditioning your mind for success. Strengthen your mind so that you refuse to think of failure, but instead you will embrace your own power. Learn to reinforce the idea that you are in achiever who is capable of being extremely successful. As you listen to the affirmations on today’s Designing Your Life Today, consider writing them down and reading them daily. Whatever you want to experience in your life, strengthen your mind to focus only on those wonderful experiences. By repeating affirmations that inspire you you will stretcher my accept the idea that the universe is limitless and that your life is in no way confined to getting less than what you want. As you consistently read the affirmations that inspire you, you will begin to believe and never waver when it comes to achieving the goals you set.

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